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Travelling with Fashion TEXT_TOPIC Fashion & Interesting
TEXT_DATE_ADDED Sunday 05 December, 2010
History of the Skirt TEXT_TOPIC Fashion & Interesting
TEXT_DATE_ADDED Thursday 18 November, 2010

Skirt is a piece of tubular-shaped cone that hangs around the waist and covers all or part of the legs. In the Western world, the skirts are usually considered women's clothing. However, there are exceptions. The skirt Kilt is a traditional dress of men in Scotland, and some designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier show men wearing skirts on the runway.
Some medieval upper-class women wore skirts over three meters in diameter at the bottom, length.
During the 19th century, was still with the skirt cut dress and was worn by women in western culture. At that time the belt was marked just below the bust (the Empire silhouette) and gradually sank until the natural waistline.
In the 20th and 21st centuries skirts begin to experience greater trasformacao and around 1915, the hem of daytime dresses left the floor for good and ended in ankle height. But for the next fifty years, suffered huge skirts and dresses and skirts trasformacoes became short. In 1930 even with the war and constraint of fabrics and woven skirts decreased length and volume. Then the arrival of the "New Look" in the years 1967-1970 the maximum shortened skirts and then came the mini-skirt. The same was accompanied by the arrival and rise of pants for women who came from Hollywood studios. But in most formal occasions skirts have always dominated. From then on the skirts dominate the fashion scene, short or long they began to be displayed side by side in catalogs and fashion catwalks.
Nowadays we give names to the various models and trims of the basic styles that go as straight skirt or pencil skirt up the skirt Rah Rah (skirt layer), leave office, Maxi skirt, bubble skirt, among others.
The skirt is part of the wardrobe of the woman and will be present for many years,
Some companies today specialize in designing and producing skirts, but you can find models of skirts around the world visiting some national sites. Quinta da Gloria Mark has on their website designs of skirts designed and produced in various parts of the world. It is worth checking the International fashion skirts.
Written by Mara Jager

Retornar a Feminilidade TEXT_TOPIC Fashion & Interesting
TEXT_DATE_ADDED Thursday 30 September, 2010
Post da Elise Stahlke TEXT_TOPIC Fashion & Interesting
TEXT_DATE_ADDED Monday 05 April, 2010
The World Oldest Fabric! TEXT_TOPIC Fashion & Interesting
TEXT_DATE_ADDED Monday 05 April, 2010

Denim .... Yes the word Denim was published in the United States for the first time in 1792; However Levi's nominees are the founders of the company that made the Denim happening in the world. The story of Levi Strauss who was a salesman going door to door and had just arrived in San Francisco in 1853 when U.S. worked hard for two decades to gain a reputation for selling products quality.This 1872 he received a letter from Jacob Davis alfaita had enventa rivets trodden. Jacob needed a partner to help you to patent and produce esti new type of clothing exclusively for the miners in the region. Levi knew about the deal agreed in 1873 LS & CO. They will receive a patent for "Building and Improving the Construction of trouser pockets." Levi Strauss died in 1902 and left his inheritance to his 4 nephews Jacob, Louis, Abraham and Sigmund Stern-that will help rebuild the business after the great earthquake in 1906.O state of California was the largest producer of denim around 1915.

Read the complete history of denim in our Blog.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 posts) Result Pages:  1 
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